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Deep Fat Fryer (20L)


Proudly designed and manufactured by The Galley Architect, this Standalone Deep Fat Fryer is inspected and strictly tested in accordance to international Standard ISO 15371 : 2015 (Ship & Marine Technology).

-Safety Features

In case of fire, this unit is designed with technologically advanced safety features that first protect the hazard area, energises the fire extinguisher to release non-toxic water-based foam to suppress the fire, and then blankets the hazard area with a thick saponification layer to prevent against fire re-ignitions.

-Construction Features

* Easy Maintenance

* Stainless steel washable grease filters

* Removable & washable food oil drip pan

* Spray nozzle tips with protected aluminum foil seal to prevent against choke up residue


* Additional external connection to ship alarm system

* Stainless steel water-tight electrical control box

* Stainless steel exhaust outlet with self blower system

-Ease of usage

* Cylinder pressure gauge inspection window

* Oil drain valve with detachable extension nozzle

* Storage compartment with swing door and catch (20Ltrs)

* Working light in the cooking area enclosure











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