Western Finesse | Asian Sensibilities

The TGA Tale

Fitting out a ship can be a challenge but despite that, The Galley Architect (TGA) has sailed into the minds of ship owners to emerge with a comprehensive suite of fit-out solutions for the galley, laundry and living quarters.

A subsidiary of Kang Li Far East with over two decades of experience in the marine equipment production industry, The Galley Architect has earned the trust of Western skippers for our ability to consult and service for even the most complex back-of-house areas of the ship. At the same time, we have an edge when it comes to incorporating our knowledge of Asian markets into our solutions. Being Asian, we also put a premium on building relationships. This results in strong and lasting bonds being formed with our international clientele.

It is precisely because of this unique combination of Western finesse and Asian sensibilities that we are able to go the distance for our clients, no matter how big or small their needs may be.