Western Finesse | Asian Sensibilities

Charting Our Company's Direction

Our Vision

To achieve top of mind recognition among our international maritime customers, and be sought after for our expertise consultancy and equipment that best integrates East - West design thinking.

Our Corporate Values


The world is evolving constantly, hence we remain alert to market changes and respond quickly on our feet.


We are receptive to new ideas and open to better work approaches. We welcome contributions.

Our Mission

  • To provide competitive value to our customers through our state-of-the-art layout, design and technology.
  • To manufacture and supply high performance equipment and provide quick after-sale servicing with the least downtime.
  • To build long-term partnerships and seek win-win opportunities.


We value hard work, persevere in tackling challenges and strive relentlessly towards achieving our milestones.


We stay ahead of the learning curve as it is the only way to surpass competition.